10 Ideas for Inexpensive Honeymoon

It would be hard to find a couple that wouldn’t want to escape it all once the wedding is over. All stress of planning and spending is left behind and what lies ahead is a wedded bliss and time alone with the chosen one.

Ways to Save on Your Hawaii Honeymoon
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Hawaii is a tropical paradise, everybody knows that. But not everybody knows is that paradise does not have to be unaffordable and overpriced. There are always ways to save a few dollars here and there and make a difference.


Wedding Planning in Less than 6 Months

Most couples take a year and longer to imagine their wedding day. But there is a new trend on the rise – a quick planning to reduce the time of anticipation and stress. An increasing number of brides want to design a wedding in two months. The reasons for such a decision are various: job change, military career limitations, pregnancy, or just plain eagerness to put that wedding band on.

While the brides have to move fast if they want to plan and execute a beautiful event, everything is possible. Here are a few tips how to do everything in a short amount of time.

Wedding Planning

Use your first month wisely

While many wedding plans just slowly begin at a year before the celebration, the couples who want to wed in six or even fewer months have to move quickly. The most important thing is to set the budget right away and make the biggest decisions and purchases. You should reserve your wedding and party locations as soon as possible, don’t wait a day to do that. Next things to tackle are the gown and bridesmaids dresses, finding a photographer, and deciding where to go for honeymoon.

It is of vital importance to make sure that you and your fiancée are both on the same page about your priorities. Decide what three things are important to you that you have to have, for example, great house music, southern food, and great photographer. Once you do that, you will know your next steps and will easily catch up with brides that have been doing such thinking for months.

Be flexible and creative

Booking closer to the upcoming wedding might render some of your top choices unavailable. Don’t despair and be creative. Don’t dwell on those locations that are booked a year in advance, but reimagine your event and consider some places that didn’t come to mind at first. If obvious locations have failed you, think about a friend’s beautiful garden or a rental beach house. A local park can sometimes provide a totally awesome location for your big day.

Consider other days, not just Saturday. A lot of locations will have greater availability if you book your wedding for Friday or Sunday; all you need to do is think outside the box.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Event planners can be very flexible too and don’t require to be hired for the entire planning process. Think about hiring someone to take care of a few details that you simply can’t get to. Some could be useful just to help you on the big day. Wedding organizers work with a lot of vendors and know how to get things moving, so forgo your time consuming research and rely on a good planner to save you time.

Friends are sometimes very eager to help, but don’t want to interfere. Talk to them; ask for help, delegate a task or two, and you might be surprised what a good decision that might be.

Enjoy yourself

This is probably the most important part of the whole planning process. Take a minute to enjoy the upcoming nuptials and breathe. Taste the dishes and listen to bands, truly live in the moment. Know that you are on top of this, you are taking the right steps and making it happen. Some brides, who plan the wedding in six months, have less time to stress and more to enjoy the moment.


Don’t assume that planning on a short notice means higher fees. You are still subjected to the same expenses and fees, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Most wedding components will cost you exactly the same, as they will cost other brides. Your florist, photographer, the venue, and band shouldn’t ask for any extra fees. The only exception might be the wedding gown and the bridesmaids dresses as they require some rush to be ready in time, so expect to pay a bit more for those. Be sure you are making smart decisions and not getting too picky about the color of your bridesmaids dresses or what flowers will be in your bouquet. Even though, 6 months is a long enough time to order whatever flowers you want to order.