Cheapest Months for Romantic Traveling
January in New York, NY

New York, NY – New Year celebration is over, tourists are gone, and sales are still there

San Francisco, CA – enjoy the greenery of this majestic city without crowds of tourists

Washington, DC – escape the chill and explore the famous museums

Wedding Planning in Less than 6 Months
Wedding Planning

Most couples take a year and longer to imagine their wedding day. But there is a new trend on the rise – a quick planning to reduce the time of anticipation and stress. An increasing number of brides want to design a wedding in two months. The reasons for such a decision are various: job change, military career limitations, pregnancy, or just plain eagerness to put that wedding band on.

How Free are Free Weddings?
Dreams Resort and Spa

You made up your mind to have a romantic destination wedding far away from daily routine and your city. You started your research for best deals and then you definitely encounter resort ads for free weddings. Free?! You are definitely intrigued. You do some more research and make some phone calls. Some of your questions get answered, but you get more confused about details. How free is it really going to be?

Can Rewards Points and Miles Buy Free Honeymoon?

According to some estimates, it takes about $32,000 to get married. Granted, some couples have some help from their parents, but such amount still takes financial toll. This is the reason why so many coupes are looking for ways to save as much as they can. And there are some creative ways to do that. If planning is done very meticulously, free honeymoon can definitely be scored – all the newlyweds have to do is align honeymoon location with hotel’s loyalty program.

10 Honeymoon Planning Mistakes
Honeymoon Planning

People don’t get married very often, so honeymoon planning is one of those events in life when they have no experience and are likely to make a few mistakes. Every couple imagines their wedding as a perfect affair and honeymoon as a fairytale vacation, so read on and avoid common blunders to make sure you travel and relax your way.


Ways to Save on Your Hawaii Honeymoon with OneTravel

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, everybody knows that. But not everybody knows is that paradise does not have to be unaffordable and overpriced. There are always ways to save a few dollars here and there and make a difference.

1. Choose the right time to go

The cheapest time to book a vacation in Hawaii is spring and fall. This is when the rates drop and tourists disappear. Beware of spring breakers and Japanese "Golden Week" visitors in April, other than that it’s green light all the way.

2. Consider packages

Packages that include your airline tickets, hotel, and a rental car are usually the cheapest way to travel to Hawaii.

There are online travel booking engines that do the job for you and combine all your needs in one affordable package.

3. Hotel chains

Hotel Chains Hawaii

There are plenty of known hotel chains located on four major Hawaiian Islands that specialize in accommodations and deals for families. Some of them even offer drive-fly combinations and grocery cards.

4. International hotels

Some of them have such a large presence in the islands that they also offer comprehensive deals and packages. Good examples would be Marriot and Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

5. Buy air travel tickets in advance

Planning ahead often helps with price, so don’t procrastinate too long. 54 days in advance is known to be the average time of booking, after that expect the prices to slowly creep up. 11 months ahead of the flight and 21 days before it are the most expensive times to buy.

6. Be flexible with time

Flying To Hawaii

Consider flying Tuesday to Thursday to save money. Avoid the weekends and the major holidays when the prices are the highest. Another way to save on your airfare is to fly overnight or late in the afternoon. OneTravel is an excellent source to check to figure out what dates are the cheapest to fly. Whether you're looking for inexpensive airline tickets, or deals on vacation packages, you are sure to find it all at OneTravel! OneTravel offers the cheapest exclusive airfare from both national and foreign airlines enabling the travelers to save up to 60% on flights, hotel accommodation and car rental. In addition, when you book your honeymoon trip to Hawaii you can get an extra discount of $60 OFF flight deals with Onetravel promo code or Up to $30 off Last Minute Deals.

7. Use your frequent flyer points

Sign up for some credit cards that award points that could be transferred to miles just for shopping and spending money on the card. American Express will allow you to transfer your collected points to Air Canada, Hawaiian, Delta, and Virgin America miles.

8. Ground transportation

Taxis and Uber are the most expensive ways to get around, so stay away from them. If you are not renting a car, use free hotel shuttles or public transportation. Roberts Hawaii Express Shuttle and SpeediShuttle are two options for shared shuttles from and to the airport.

9. Car rental

Book your car only after carefully checking many rental companies and travel sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal. It really makes sense to rent a car while in Hawaii because you’ll be free to explore everything and it is the cheapest mode of transportation. Check out Discount Hawaii Car Rental for special deals.

Try using some membership you might have that is known to offer rental discounts, such as AAA or government and military IDs.

Rent a small economy car to save on rates and on gas.

If you have no plans to leave your hotel, pool, and the beach, you might want to forgo the rental all together or rent for just a day or two.

Always fill up the gas tank before returning the car – your rental company will charge insane price for gas. Consider buying gas at Costco, if you’re a member.

10. Accommodations: hotels

Travel To Hawaii

Plan in advance and sign up for email notices to be informed about flash or last minute sales. Book in advance and comparison shop. Always keep an eye for special discounts, deals, membership discounts, AARP or AAA promotions.

If you are travelling during the off season, try bargaining with hotels directly and at the front desk – you never know when you will be able to strike a deal of a lifetime.

Sign up for loyalty programs with known hotel chains and collect points. You might also be eligible for special member discounts. Consider Starwood and Hilton programs for that.

All hotels charge extra resort fees, so read the small print, analyze what you will be paying for, and try to maximize the benefits.

If you will be staying at a hotel that charges parking fees, think about renting a car only for the days when you really need it. Those parking fees can be $20 per day and really add up.

Very few hotels in Hawaii offer free breakfast, but it can really save you time and money.

Try to find a room with a kitchen. A few dollars extra for such a convenience is well worth it because you will save a lot of money, time, and will eat your own food during the vacation.

Don’t waste money on ocean view rooms if they are significantly more expensive. Enjoy the ocean from outside, because while in Hawaii, the most popular time in the room is at night, when the view doesn’t really matter.

Choose to stay away from the beach all together. If you won’t fuss about a short walk or drive, you will be able to save a bunch.

When traveling with children, think about fitting in one room or get a one bedroom suite with a sleeper sofa. Two hotel rooms are way too expensive.

Don’t use your hotel room phone - they are rarely free. If you don’t have a cell phone, which is not very common any more, use pay phones outside.

11. Accommodations: condos

This is the greatest and the most cost effective option, especially when traveling with children. You will get more space, extra beds, a full kitchen, and plenty of resort-like amenities, like pools, towel service, and many others. Use this option if you’re not planning to visit multiple islands during your stay. Be prepared to pay a one-time cleaning fee.

12. Bed and Breakfast Hotels

B&Bs are very well liked by Europeans, but Americans often back away because they would have to share a bathroom with other guests. Make sure you are OK with that before booking this often cheaper vacation option.

Not every B&B serves breakfast; some provide fruit and yogurt, while others have small kitchenettes for use.

13. Vacation homes

Vacation Homes Hawaii

This is the best and most private vacation accommodation if traveling with a group of friends or family. The rate per person can be just $75 per day, while the house can be stunning. You will have to pay a deposit and a cleaning fee, but will enjoy total privacy.

14. Dining

Hawaii is a perfect setting for a picnic lunch or a sunset dinner outside. Consider buying amazing to-go plates from little inexpensive corner posts and local grocery stores. Take readily prepared plates to the mountains or beach parks and enjoy the nature and the savings. KTA Superstores, Foodland, Big Save, and Costco offer a great variety of picnic foods, and some even slash the prices mid-day.

Find out which restaurants offer early-bird specials and dine there. Some pricy restaurants invite patrons to join them early for some discounts on food and drinks. Check our Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Honolulu and Sea House in Maui for such specials.

Always ask about children’s discounts.

If you really want to try some swanky restaurant, come in for lunch – the price is a lot better than at dinner time.

Check out local joints and food trucks for tasty value deals.

15. Sightseeing and activities

Hiking is free. Coupons in tourist magazines and brochures are also free, so grab a few and find deals.

Reserve activities through a discount activity center such as Barefoot Tom’s Tours. The company will share their commission with you, so both sides will benefit.

Shaka Gold Card costs only $30, but will give you 10-25% off on over a hundred activities in all the islands.

Don’t forget to use your senior, student or military ID.