5 Ways to Help Wedding Guests Save
Group Rates

Whether you choose to have an out-of-town wedding or go the local route, you will most likely be inviting some guests to be with you on your big day. Support of friends and relatives is always welcome for life events like this. Sure, some couples will escape and elope somewhere, but we want to focus on those that will have guests flying from near and far.

9 Best Islands for Romance
The Island of St. Lucia

Islands are the ultimate symbols of romance and secluded escape for lovers. We seek islands big and small, rich with culture or lush with tropical growth, full of marine life or ancient buildings. Some travelers like the feeling of solitude, while others prefer luxurious pampering. Thankfully, the world is full of beautiful islands to capture our imagination and cater to a wide range of desires.

11 Most Romantic Island Hotels in the U.S.
Maui Hotel Wailea

While there are thousands of romantic hotels around the world, we wanted to focus on those that don’t require a passport to travel to. Not surprisingly, Maui is a winner, followed closely by Kauai, The Big Island, Oahu, and finally Florida Keys. Those destinations are loved by couples all year round for the ultimate fun in the sun. The top hotels in those islands are made for romance and will transport you to paradise right after the big wedding day.

8 Secrets to Score Wedding Discounts
Wedding Discounts

Ever wonder if some brides know some money saving secrets that you don’t know? Let us enlighten you by showing 8 ways to save money and still get married in style.


How to Upgrade Your Honeymoon Flight

Honeymoon is once in a lifetime trip for most of us and as such should definitely be thoroughly enjoyed. There is no better time than this to paper yourself and experience first class pleasures during your flight. This being said, it is still no reason to go all out and empty you wallet. Here are some way how to score those fancy seats on a budget:

First Class Upgrades

1. Credit Cards

If you are not ready to shell out significant amount of dollars, but wish for the ultimate comfort, consider getting a credit card that will offer you airline points for shopping. Once you gather enough points, you can use them towards your tickets or at least for the first class upgrades if you don’t have enough to buy the whole thing. Be aware that in any case you will still have to pay taxes, so it won’t be 100% free.

One great card for frequent travelers is Chase Sapphire Preferred Card – it offers $200 yearly travel allowance, 3X the points for traveling, and a 100,000 extra points if the card holder spends $4,000 during the first quarter. This amount can easily be spend for the wedding, points gathered, tickets purchased, the credit card paid off, and the trip made in style and comfort.

2. Buy at check -in

Many major airlines are moving away from rewarding all first class seats to their frequent customers, but instead desire to increase revenue selling the upgrades. That’s good news for the cash paying honeymooners. Take advantage of this business strategy and buy the upgrade during the check-in. The price will be often more reasonable than online as the agent will know the demand for those seats and will be willing to bump you up.

Check the availability in advance and be at the airport early.

3. Arrive early and check-in late

Frequent fliers have a great chance to score a free first class upgrade. To maximize your chances arrive at the airport early, ask about the upgrade at check-in and then at the gate - your patience will be rewarded if last minute upgrade will become available. If nothing is available in advance, ask the very last time during the boarding time because all no-shows will be known and some seats might open up at this time.

Don't despair even if you don’t score any free benefits – early arrival will allow you to avoid stress, relax, shop, and spend some time in the airlines lounges. If you are not a frequent flier and don’t have automatic access to those, most airlines will sell day passes for about $50.

Honeymoon Flight

4. Pick the right flight

It is easier said than done because it is virtually impossible to know which flights will be oversold and some passengers will need to be moved to the first class to free up some space for those extra passengers. If this happens, frequent customers are more likely to chosen for those Business Class seats. That’s great if you’re one of those customers on honeymoon. Otherwise ask, but don’t expect much.

Free upgrade is completely impossible on emptier flights. In this case, the airline will most likely be willing to sell the upgrades with a discount, but not completely free. If you don’t mind paying, look for flights during slow season or on the weekends to avoid business travelers and increase your chances to score upgrades for a great price.

5. Volunteer your seat

Sometimes being nice pays off. If you and your new spouse are not in a terrible hurry, volunteer your seats on an oversold flight, but be smart about it and ask for an upgrade on the next flight. Sometimes airlines are so desperate that they won’t mind that at all. Get all the necessary details and information, the exact offer and flight number before you retreat to a hopefully fully paid for hotel.

6. Ask for an upgrade as a compensation

While nobody wishes for it, sometimes some things don’t go as expected. If you have a legitimate claim about a customer service fail or significant inconvenience, bring it up. You won’t score any deals or upgrades if your plane is a bit late or the boarding doesn’t start in time, but lost luggage or similar horror stories might give you a reason to request some ramifications. Airline agent can upgrade your seats as a way to compensate you for those inconveniences.

7. Bid on the chance to upgrade

This practice is not very popular in America, but some European airlines offer a chance to bid on first class seats. Aer Lingus, IcelandAir, Airberlin, Air New Zealand, KLM, Lufthansa, and Etihad organize an auction to sell their first class seat upgrades. Some of those airlines organize those auctions themselves while others use This option is not available on all flights. When there is such flight, you will get an email and will be able to start bidding with a determined minimum amount. The good news is that the auction winner will end up paying only about 1/3 of the price that would be payed if the upgrade would be bought outright.

8. Look for best seats in the economy cabin

Nothing beats those first class perks and free champagne, but if you can’t find a way to get those seats affordably, don’t despair. Consult to find out what are the best seats on your particular aircraft and seek those. Some Premium Economy or Economy Plus seats offer more leg room, and might be available for just a few dollars or totally free. Honeymooners usually don’t have kids, so try to score Exit row seats – you will be able to stretch quite freely.

Book for bulkhead seats or ask for empty row seats on flights that are not full – this will allow you to stretch and even sleep in an almost horizontal position at no extra cost.

Share Your Celebration

9. Dress Nicely and Share your celebration

Looks do matter and might increase your chances to be randomly selected for free upgrades if there is such a need during your flight. Nothing beats a beautiful happy couple with some special celebration, so share your good news with staff and fellow passengers. And most importantly, celebrate!