Wedding Planning in Less than 6 Months
Wedding Planning

Most couples take a year and longer to imagine their wedding day. But there is a new trend on the rise – a quick planning to reduce the time of anticipation and stress. An increasing number of brides want to design a wedding in two months. The reasons for such a decision are various: job change, military career limitations, pregnancy, or just plain eagerness to put that wedding band on.

Ways to Save on Your Hawaii Honeymoon
Hotel Chains Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, everybody knows that. But not everybody knows is that paradise does not have to be unaffordable and overpriced. There are always ways to save a few dollars here and there and make a difference.

How to Upgrade Your Honeymoon Flight
First Class Upgrades

Honeymoon is once in a lifetime trip for most of us and as such should definitely be thoroughly enjoyed. There is no better time than this to paper yourself and experience first class pleasures during your flight. This being said, it is still no reason to go all out and empty you wallet.

How Free are Free Weddings?
Dreams Resort and Spa

You made up your mind to have a romantic destination wedding far away from daily routine and your city. You started your research for best deals and then you definitely encounter resort ads for free weddings. Free?! You are definitely intrigued. You do some more research and make some phone calls. Some of your questions get answered, but you get more confused about details. How free is it really going to be?


Honeymoon Registries Decoded

So many couples choose traveling and memories over material items these days. Many people are living together before they get married and usually have all material matters sorted out prior to the wedding, so it makes perfect sense to desire a gift more personal. After all, who wants to be stuck with a bunch of unnecessary stuff?

This is why honeymoon registries are becoming very widely accepted. You can give your guests an opportunity to gift you a candlelit dinner, an adventurous activity, or a luxurious upgrade – something meaningful and long lasting.

Some couples enjoy traditional approach more than others and that’s perfectly fine, let them register for gifts, they might really need them. Wedding is a perfect time to get what you want, so by all means get whatever you’re missing from your life. If you are missing more trips and adventures, honeymoon registry is a perfect way to get them. Your guests will love to give you whatever experiences make you happy, so go on and request, register, and enjoy.

You don’t even have to create your own custom registry; there are plenty of choices with preselected details and important inclusions made by experts in the field. In fact, honeymoon packages are aplenty and might get confusing, so we wanted to compare the top websites and provide some clarity. Planning a wedding is enough work, so honeymoon registry decision should come pretty easily.

Honeymoon Wishes

1. Honeymoon Wishes

This registry is one of the largest out there and they work with traveling vendors directly. Many of your desired items can be bought straight from the hotels and airlines. Honeymoon wishes is a big player in travelling industry and is running many registries under one umbrella: Sandals, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean are all partners.

The scope and capabilities are influencing the significant fee, which is one of the biggest in the industry – 9.65%. 2.65% processing fee is charged for every gift and 7% service fee can be paid by the registry creators or passed onto the gift givers.

The site itself is good, but nothing fantastic. The account creation process is pretty complicated because everything is broken down into many separate sections and it eventually becomes hard to keep track of everything. You will not be allowed to have your own pictures of any items you want to choose on your own, only general Honeymoon Wishes images can be used.

The company provides an entire wedding website when you are registering for honeymoon, but it is not very useful, unless you plan to have your wedding celebration complete with a honeymoon in one resort. The wedding website is not bad, but does not look very enticing. There are plenty of better options in other places.

The guests have to buy your gifts with credit cards; it doesn’t seem to be an option to buy the gift and then send you a check. This way the fees are unavoidable and your wedding guests will have to cover them, not you.

One awesome thing about Honeymoon Wishes is that once you choose a location where you would like to have your honeymoon, the site generates recommended activities and ideas. This might be very helpful when you have never been to a particular place before and thus might have trouble deciding what to put on your registry.

Travel agents might take advantage of Honeymoon Wishes many options and wide assortment of packages. The couple would use the website to pick their desired activities and hotels, select them on this website, and help get things moving. See Honeymoon wishes site


2. Honeyfund

Honeyfund is a popular and highly recommended site in various forums. The best feature of Honeyfund is that the site does not charge any credit card fee just because they use PayPal for the transactions. The site benefits financially from ads and registry customization fees.

The fees are low because PayPal only charges 2.8% and then $0.30 for every purchase. The couple can set up a totally free account with ads displayed and no pictures. The most expensive version is $80 and allows you to do all kinds of customizations. If you choose a paid version, you will not see any ads and will have pictures to display next to your choices.

The Honeyfund page is very easy to navigate and edit. The registries look sophisticated and are easy to customize on paid plans. While the thought of paying money to set up a registry might at first seem daunting, think about how much money you will pay for fees on seemingly free registries.

The gift givers are not charged any extra fee for the gift they choose to give you. The couple will take care of transaction fees, so that the guests won’t have to worry about why they are paying more than advertised. PayPal transactions are secure and allow the funds to be deposited right away. The only thing to know here is that PayPal account has to be business to be linked with the registry. It would be nice to avoid this extra step.


3. Wanderable

This website is the most esthetically appealing and beautiful off all other registries. The full size picture and modern style will appeal to many couples.

This registry allows customized items to be added based on your chosen location, so the selection process is made easy.

The fee system is easy to understand: couples pay 2.5% fee on all items added that are not "curated" by the website. Another 2.5% credit card fee can be paid by the guests or deducted from the gifts. If your guests want to avoid fees, have them pay you directly with cash or check.

The design and ease of use for this site will attract artistic couples who really like beautifully designed things in their lives.

One unique feature of this registry is an option to install iPhone app and use it to send pictures to your gift givers. Imagine the good feeling they will get seeing you enjoying their gift.

Traveler’s Joy

4. Traveler’s Joy

Your guests or you will have to pay 7.5% fee for credit card transactions. Direct checks are free.

The site is not "curated", so you will have to add all the items to your registry manually. You can provide your own picture or link fairly easily.

The design is simple, but nice. Several color schemes are available to choose from.

After you choose your destination, Traveler’s Joy offers a map with your selected points of interest, which your guests can then monitor.

The website enables categorization of gifts and activities. See Traveler’s Joy site

5. Honeymoon Pixie

Honeymoon Pixie charges 7% fee for all transactions and is pretty similar to Traveler’s Joy.

The site offers a few readily made designs to choose from. The registry looks beautiful.

Your guests can choose the method of payment and send you funds via bank deposit or check.

Just like Traveler’s Joy, this website has a map to mark your travels and an option to upload your personal pictures for the honeymoon.

There are a few other websites that offer honeymoon registries and might be worth checking out, but we did not get into depth about them for the purpose of this article. The Honeymoon and Buy Our Honeymoon are such registries.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are quite a few options on the web today for modern couples’ modern honeymoons.

If you are most concerned about the price, definitely go with Honeyfund, as you’ll only have to pay the PayPal fees. Your free registry will look classy and won’t cost a thing. If you don’t care about the cheapest version and want to explore your options for European travel, choose Buy Our Honeymoon. This UK based website has plenty of features that American sites simply won’t offer.

Wanderable is also good for budget conscious couples and charges a small fee for customizing the registry with your own items. The design here is a definite winner. They chose this strategy to differentiate themselves from their competition and to offer their customers outstanding attention to detail and beauty.

Honeymoon Wishes will probably serve you best if you have a travel agent. It is nice to have your funds sent directly to vendors, but steep fees might offset the benefit of comfort.

All in all, the Wanderable seems the best and the prettiest choice.