8 Secrets to Score Wedding Discounts
Wedding Discounts

Ever wonder if some brides know some money saving secrets that you don’t know? Let us enlighten you by showing 8 ways to save money and still get married in style.

Affordable Honeymoon Locations in the US
Oahu, Hawaii

Contrary to popular belief, honeymoons do not always have to be far, far away in an exotic location to be unforgettable! Wonderous honeymoons can take place right here in the USA! There are several amazing honeymoon destinations within a variety of climates and sceneries here in the United States that are fit to celebrate a newlywed couple. Whether you are looking to relax or go on a new adventure, there is a location suitable for your budget within the USA. Read below for 10 affordable honeymoon worthy destinations.

10 Ideas for Inexpensive Honeymoon

It would be hard to find a couple that wouldn’t want to escape it all once the wedding is over. All stress of planning and spending is left behind and what lies ahead is a wedded bliss and time alone with the chosen one.

Can Rewards Points and Miles Buy Free Honeymoon?

According to some estimates, it takes about $32,000 to get married. Granted, some couples have some help from their parents, but such amount still takes financial toll. This is the reason why so many coupes are looking for ways to save as much as they can. And there are some creative ways to do that. If planning is done very meticulously, free honeymoon can definitely be scored – all the newlyweds have to do is align honeymoon location with hotel’s loyalty program.

Honeymoon Registries Decoded
Honeymoon Wishes

So many couples choose traveling and memories over material items these days. Many people are living together before they get married and usually have all material matters sorted out prior to the wedding, so it makes perfect sense to desire a gift more personal. After all, who wants to be stuck with a bunch of unnecessary stuff?


Cheapest Months for Romantic Traveling

Very few of us have unlimited funds for traveling, yet all of us love to see other parts of the world. We have some good news – it is still possible to get away and not break the bank. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect time and maximize your saving power.

Let's take a look at the calendar and determine what needs to be visited when to save the most:


January in New York, NY

New York, NY – New Year celebration is over, tourists are gone, and sales are still there

San Francisco, CA – enjoy the greenery of this majestic city without crowds of tourists

Washington, DC – escape the chill and explore the famous museums

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February in San Antonio, Texas

Ireland – brave the cold and bundle up, there is plenty to see

Netherlands – the city is just as exciting indoors as it is beautiful outdoors during this low season

San Antonio, Texas – this city is equally festive, no matter the season or the occasion


March in Italy

Los Angeles, CA is just gearing up for the spring season, so go first and enjoy the amusements

Italy – the weather is not the greatest, but the savings might make you warm inside. And no summer crowds!

Spain – don’t spend too much time in Madrid, instead hit the coastal destinations for some warmth and deals


April in Asheville, NC

Jamaica – winter season is over, so prices go down

Asheville, NC – prime time to shop at some nearby furniture outlets

Charlotte, NC – enjoy the beauty of spring without tourists


May in Hawaii

Hawaii – although the islands are always in demand, this time is more affordable

Washington State – chilly, wet, and romantic

Atlanta, GA – the capital of the Southeast is beautiful, warm, and covered in blossoms


June in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ – the heat is spectacular for the ultimate adventurers on the budget

Utah – parks and skiing resorts come out with great discounts to score some visitors

Albuquerque – the nature is beautiful if you can deal with the heat


July in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ – scorching heat

Memphis, TN – scorching heat and humid sauna-like nights

El Paso, TX – culturally rich and plenty hot


August in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV – gamble to your heart’s desire and don’t venture outside

Killington, VT – the skiing is still in the future, so grab those rates

September (Couples season):

September in New Orleans, MS

Japan – most of the country is experiencing mild temperatures, so explore there

New Orleans, MS – enjoy the scenery, the culture, the music, but avoid the heat

Orlando, FL – kids are gone, so adults can take back what’s rightfully theirs – the amusement parks


October in Breckenridge, CO

St. Martin – hurricanes don’t come every day

Costa Rica – hit the mountains for some beautiful weather

Breckenridge, CO – those pre-season ticket deals


November in Lake Tahoe, NV

Lake Tahoe, NV – marvel at those yellow leaves and get some away time in the snow right before holiday crowds hit those slopes

Reno, NV – same story

Dominican Republic – it definitely doesn’t rain every day


December in Napa-Sonoma, CA

Napa-Sonoma, CA – wine harvest season is over, so all the wine is yours and it’s not yet cold

Germany – stay warm and enjoy those famous Christmas markets

Greece – search for those spectacular islands on an offseason budget

We created this list to point out some of the practices that will enable you to travel while saving. Look out for low season deals, don’t fuss about the weather, be flexible, and you can save as much as 50% compared with the busy season rates.

Great savings will help you see the glass half full no matter how hot or cold it will be during your vacation. After all, some unusual experiences might be more memorable than sheer perfection at all times.