The Top 5 Most Romantic Cities to Honeymoon
Venice, Italy

You have spent a lot of time planning your big wedding day. It has come and gone and now it is time to enjoy your honeymoon. You may be looking now for a honeymoon destination that fits perfectly for you is a couple. Here are some of the top five most romantic destinations for a getaway honeymoon. You may love it so much that you decide to never return home. Be prepared to revel in some amazing memories in the top honeymoon destinations of this great planet.

Honeymoon Registries Decoded
Honeymoon Wishes

So many couples choose traveling and memories over material items these days. Many people are living together before they get married and usually have all material matters sorted out prior to the wedding, so it makes perfect sense to desire a gift more personal. After all, who wants to be stuck with a bunch of unnecessary stuff?

How to Upgrade Your Honeymoon Flight
First Class Upgrades

Honeymoon is once in a lifetime trip for most of us and as such should definitely be thoroughly enjoyed. There is no better time than this to paper yourself and experience first class pleasures during your flight. This being said, it is still no reason to go all out and empty you wallet.


Affordable Honeymoon Locations in the US

Contrary to popular belief, honeymoons do not always have to be far, far away in an exotic location to be unforgettable! Wonderous honeymoons can take place right here in the USA! There are several amazing honeymoon destinations within a variety of climates and sceneries here in the United States that are fit to celebrate a newlywed couple. Whether you are looking to relax or go on a new adventure, there is a location suitable for your budget within the USA. Read below for 10 affordable honeymoon worthy destinations.

Oahu, Hawaii

#10 Oahu, Hawaii

While Hawaii may not be the cheapest Honeymoon destination on this list, it is certainly the most popular. Hawaii’s warm weather, tropical climate, and beautiful white sandy beaches are quite hard to resist! However, Oahu has proven to be an extremely affordable Hawaiian destination and is an ideal location to go on your honeymoon if you are looking to relax in the tropical sun. Plus, you will be flying into the Honolulu airport, the cheapest airport within the Hawaiian islands. Oahu attracts a plethora of tourists, so you can expect a thriving nightlife and a grand variety of hotels and airbnbs to choose from at each price point. Take your time researching holiday tourism packages to snorkel, hike, and atv for less! Oahu, Hawaii offers you an exotic tropical honeymoon vacation without ever having to leave the USA.

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#9 Puerto Rico

Do not forget that Puerto Rico is now considered an American destination! Besides the flight, everything from hotel accommodations to food and activities are all considered extremely wallet-friendly and worth the price of travel. Enjoy the Caribbean and soak up the sun on one of the many beautiful Puerto Rican beaches! Or, take a trip to San Juan and witness historical Puerto Rican culture and art! Not to mention, Puerto Rico is rich in fabulous nightlife, so rest assured you will never be bored! Due to Puerto Rico’s affordability, you are sure to score a deal on a great vacation package to this destination at almost any time of the year!

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

#8 Rocky Mountains, Colorado

The gorgeous state of Colorado is home to the serene and wondrous Rocky Mountains! Looking to have a postcard worthy honeymoon? Then why not make Colorado your newlywed destination as the state is not only beautiful, but also budget friendly. Rocky Mountain National Park is iconic and will provide the perfect background for your honeymoon get away. During the seasons of Spring and Summer you can expect to enjoy nature hikes, horseback riding, rafting and fishing. While during the winter months honeymooners can expect impeccable snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, and sledding! There are a plethora of romantic and cozy hotels as well as airbnbs strew through the Rocky Mountains making it extremely easy to find the best location suitable for your budget within Colorado.

#7 Sonoma, California

Wine connoisseurs will thoroughly enjoy a honeymoon getaway to Sonoma, California! Sonoma is popularly considered the state’s wine country and is home to more than four hundred wineries! When visiting Sonoma one can expect miles and miles of lusciously green vineyards, world-class fine dining, and a variety of outdoor activities. Ride in a hot air balloon at dawn or go wine tasting at dusk! It matters not as Sonoma, California is ready to be seen, felt, and tasted! Sonoma is a highly frequented tourist destination so there are plenty of hotel, inn, and airbnb options available at each price point. Sip your days away in sunny Sonoma, California.

Key West, Florida

#6 Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida is the Caribbean style beach vacation you have been dreaming of! Drive along the Florida Keys Scenic Highway and witness over one hundred miles of island views across the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean. The Florida Keys offer couples a tropical escape without ever leaving the country. Plus, there are several inclusive resorts available within the Key West making a budget friendly vacation easily attainable. Swim, snorkel, and lay out on beautiful Key West beaches during your romantic honeymoon getaway.

#5 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Nature lovers will be enthralled with Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Not only is Jackson Hole home to world famous geysers like Old Faithful in the Yellowstone National Park, it is also chock full of gorgeous mountain tops and lively wildlife. Plus, Grand Teton National Park is only a hop and a skip away from Jackson Hole providing visitors with impeccable mountain climbing, hiking, horseback riding, boating, and fishing. Camp in the national park or lodge in a cozy cabin, either way your affordable honeymoon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming will be unforgettable.

Charleston, South Carolina

#4 Charleston, South Carolina

History buffs will love visiting the charming town of Charleston, South Carolina for their honeymoon vacation. The city’s historic antebellum architecture and cobblestone roads will take you back centuries while you still get to enjoy all of the modern amenities of the current day and age. You can expect plenty of Southern hospitality, supreme shopping, and organic dining within picturesque Charleston. You will truly feel like you have entered directly into a storybook as you stroll the city’s streets! Make sure to visit one of the many museums within Charleston to get a taste of the city’s history. With the plethora of airbnbs, inns, and hotels within Charleston, booking a honeymoon vacation to South Carolina will be a sinch!

#3 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the cheapest and most popular honeymoon destinations within the United States. Las Vegas offers honeymooners world-class dining, unbelievable entertainment, a thriving nightlife, lavish shopping, day parties, and endless gambling! Plus, almost every hotel within Las Vegas hosts desirable honeymoon packages with varying price tags, so be sure to research your options! Pamper yourself Las Vegas style with your newlywed spouse.

Havasupai, Arizona

#2 Havasupai, Arizona

The Havasupai Indian Reservation near Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is home to the magical Havasu Waterfalls. It is paramount that you see the breathtaking Havasu Waterfalls at least once within your lifetime. Due to the protected nature of this area, visitors can expect to witness some of the most eye-catching, natural scenery the world has to offer. Outdoors, men and women will truly adore visiting Havasupai, Arizona during their honeymoon vacation. In order to reach the wondrous Havasu Falls we have mentioned, one must hike ten miles into a remote corner of the Grand Canyon where they will be invited to swim within some of the clearest, most beautiful turquoise waters. Camp, horseback ride, hike, swim, and fish within one of the world’s most gorgeous yet most affordable honeymoon destinations - Havasupai, Arizona.

#1 Stay in your Hometown

Staycations are becoming more and more popular every year! Not only are staycations extremely fun, they are also extremely affordable! The money you save on airfare alone will allow you to book one of the most luxurious hotels your town has to offer! When on staycation, feel free to splurge on decadent meals and lavish spa massages. Think back, have you ever even toured your own city? Check out the places you’ve never gone and see the sights you’ve never seen all while honeymooning affordably in your own hometown.