10 Ideas for Inexpensive Honeymoon
Island Getaway

It would be hard to find a couple that wouldn’t want to escape it all once the wedding is over. All stress of planning and spending is left behind and what lies ahead is a wedded bliss and time alone with the chosen one.

11 Most Romantic Island Hotels in the U.S.
Maui Hotel Wailea

While there are thousands of romantic hotels around the world, we wanted to focus on those that don’t require a passport to travel to. Not surprisingly, Maui is a winner, followed closely by Kauai, The Big Island, Oahu, and finally Florida Keys. Those destinations are loved by couples all year round for the ultimate fun in the sun. The top hotels in those islands are made for romance and will transport you to paradise right after the big wedding day.

Inexpensive Destination Weddings Ideas
Wedding Location

An inexpensive wedding somewhere far away from home does not have to look cheap. On the contrary, you can have a fantastic destination wedding for a lot less than what your traditional local wedding could cost. So read on for our useful money saving tips:

The Top 5 Most Romantic Cities to Honeymoon
Venice, Italy

You have spent a lot of time planning your big wedding day. It has come and gone and now it is time to enjoy your honeymoon. You may be looking now for a honeymoon destination that fits perfectly for you is a couple. Here are some of the top five most romantic destinations for a getaway honeymoon. You may love it so much that you decide to never return home. Be prepared to revel in some amazing memories in the top honeymoon destinations of this great planet.

Affordable Honeymoon Locations in the US
Oahu, Hawaii

Contrary to popular belief, honeymoons do not always have to be far, far away in an exotic location to be unforgettable! Wonderous honeymoons can take place right here in the USA! There are several amazing honeymoon destinations within a variety of climates and sceneries here in the United States that are fit to celebrate a newlywed couple. Whether you are looking to relax or go on a new adventure, there is a location suitable for your budget within the USA. Read below for 10 affordable honeymoon worthy destinations.


9 Best Islands for Romance

Islands are the ultimate symbols of romance and secluded escape for lovers. We seek islands big and small, rich with culture or lush with tropical growth, full of marine life or ancient buildings. Some travelers like the feeling of solitude, while others prefer luxurious pampering. Thankfully, the world is full of beautiful islands to capture our imagination and cater to a wide range of desires.

Let’s embark on the journey of finding the most romantic escapes and learning of ways to afford our dream vacation there.

1. The Island of St. Lucia

The Island of St. Lucia

St. Lucia is regarded as the most romantic island in the Caribbean. That says a lot because there are hundreds of islands in that region. There is no shortage of direct flights to the island from the U.S – the island is easily reachable. It is famous for Piton Mountains, white beaches, and turquoise waters.

Vacationers can visit famed Castries market, discover the appeal of local spices, and then drive for fresh seafood of Soufriere harbor, if they feel like leaving the hotel, that is.

St. Lucia offers a wide range of luxurious and all-inclusive hotels to cater to every taste and every wallet:

2. Kauai Island, Hawaii

Kauai Island, Hawaii

Each one of Hawaii Islands is very different from one another. Kauai is called the Garden Island due to its peaceful greenery. It’s a perfect paradise for privacy seeking couples that flock there from all around the world.

The island is not fully accessible by car, so take a helicopter ride to see it from air. Rent a boat or book a sunset cruise to enjoy Na Pali Coast from the water. Kauai boasts 43 white sand secluded beaches, second largest canyon in the United States, beautiful tropical hikes, and countless waterfalls against sky full of rainbows. Waimea canyon is definitely worth a short car ride, especially when some amazing ocean views open up along the way. There is no surprise that 60 movies were filmed on this island, including Jurassic Park and South Pacific. (read Tips on how to Afford a Honeymoon Trip to Hawaii)

3. The Island of Bora Bora

The Island of Bora Bora

Just hearing this name evokes images of Hollywood couples frolicking on the white pristine beaches and lounging under lush palm trees of this paradise. Bora Bora is a part of South Pacific Ocean group together with another 100 islands. Tahiti, Moorea, Tahaa, and Huahine are all part of that archipelago.

Couples can find romance strolling along the beaches, swimming, exploring marine life under water, visiting lagoons, and hiking Mounts Pahia and Ohue.

Bora Bora signature resorts are made of little bungalows over water and allow you to enter water right from your room. Here are some beautiful accommodations:

4. New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand has been attracting couples in love way before famous Peter Jackson movie franchises made this paradise widely lusted for its fairytale like nature and scenery. People flock to this beautiful island for wine tasting, rich wildlife, and magnificent beaches.

The Ninety Mile Beach is world famous for its dunes and ATV rides through them.

Here are some resorts to fully take your breath away:

5. The Island of Capri

The Island of Capri

Capri is known as a playground for rich and famous from all over the world. The island is located not far from the shore of Naples area and offers spectacular views all around. Capri explorers can make a short trip to the shore and take in the unforgettable views of Amalfi Coast and Positano.

Take a short boat ride to visit Blue Grotto or smooch under the Faraglione di Mezzo Archway. There is nothing more beautiful than a romantic evening with a glass of wine and dishes made with local giant lemons.

There are plenty of hotels to fully immerse yourselves in love Italian style:

6. Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island, Australia

Peaceful island of Hamilton is surrounded by Great Barrier Reef from all the sides. It offers dreamy vacations for those seeking privacy and leisure. Visitors will have a chance to explore the Great Barrier Reef from under the water and from outside by boat.

The most recommended resort on the island is Qualia, located on the North of the island. Guests stay in one of sixty intricate private pavilions. Each one of them is a piece of art, built from local timber and stone to resemble the surrounding nature. All guests have to be at least 16 to not disturb other vacationers.

Resort amenities include two world class restaurants, private chefs, pools, library, secluded beaches, and spas.

7. The Santorini Island

The Santorini Island

This Greek gem is world renowned for its beauty and uniqueness, sun drenched streets, captivating sunset views, and old snow-white buildings. Greek coast is dotted by hundreds of islands, 200 of which are inhabited. Santorini is the most popular of them all and loved by tourists virtually year round.

White stucco buildings seem so fragile next to glowing and lightly sleeping volcano. Add blue Aegean Sea waters to the mix and it’s easy to see why Santorini lives in so many dreams around the world.

Santorini is very active at night, with the main action centered around Fira and Oia.

Visitors love exploring the streets of this magnificent town, sun at the beach, and go for hikes to take in all the views.

October marks the time when the number of tourists decreases, even though tourist attractions aren’t closed until November.

Santorini is not known for large hotels and instead offers plenty of small boutique villas and spas for the ultimate island experience.

8. Maldives


Maldives islands are the world capital of overwater bungalows. They consist of hundreds of sandy islands and offer gentle climate, beautiful shallow waters, and long walks for those in love.

The islands lie only a few hundred miles from India, but offer so much that there is never any shortage of vacationers looking for romance and bliss.

The famous Subsix at Niyama restaurant is located just offshore and offers aquarium-like experience six meters under the water.

Some extraordinary lodging choices are just a part of life here:

9. The Island of Manhattan

The Island of Manhattan

Some lovers don’t crave remote island getaways to experience the ultimate romance. They might feel the ultimate beauty of life surrounded by concrete and buildings, ready to discover exciting cuisines and culture around every corner in Manhattan.

Walk around the city to really experience all it has to offer. Take a sub ride to reach more remote places, stroll, window-shop, take a boat ride and see New York from above. Explore Chinatown, Greenwich Village, the Lower East Side, and definitely visit Central Park. Avoid Times Square – it’s not New York.

It would be nearly impossible to near down the extensive hotel list to name just a few – Manhattan has something for every taste and every wallet.