Cheapest Months for Romantic Traveling
January in New York, NY

New York, NY – New Year celebration is over, tourists are gone, and sales are still there

San Francisco, CA – enjoy the greenery of this majestic city without crowds of tourists

Washington, DC – escape the chill and explore the famous museums

Ways to Save on Your Hawaii Honeymoon with OneTravel
Hotel Chains Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, everybody knows that. But not everybody knows is that paradise does not have to be unaffordable and overpriced. There are always ways to save a few dollars here and there and make a difference.


5 Ways to Help Wedding Guests Save

Whether you choose to have an out-of-town wedding or go the local route, you will most likely be inviting some guests to be with you on your big day. Support of friends and relatives is always welcome for life events like this. Sure, some couples will escape and elope somewhere, but we want to focus on those that will have guests flying from near and far.

Some of your guests will have no problem flying first class and staying at the most posh hotels, but there will always be some who will benefit from these useful tips:

1. Group rates

Group Rates

Wedding planners will take care of that, sure, but what is the couple doesn’t have one? Not to worry! can make your life very easy here. All you have to do is submit your request, list specifications, like the number of guests, time and location of the wedding, maximum acceptable price range, and let them do the job. Participating hotels will submit their bids and group offers for you to choose from. Milk & Honey Special Events planner Samantha Spector from San Francisco advises you to examine all offers carefully and upon accepting the best one, inform your out of town guests about their choices.

2. Group travel for flights

We understand that all your guests will fly in from different locations. However, a lot of airlines offer special group code to receive discounts if you have at least ten travelers in your party. You should find out what is the best airline to use for all the guests and then contact them to inquire about this group rate. You might be surprised at the savings and score major points from your loved ones.

3. Check Airbnb and others

Airbnb Rental

Having all the guests at a hotel together is great, but do check out the endless possibilities of Airbnb and other private rental sites. There can be some amazing mansions available for your party that will rival any fancy hotel or resort stay. So include this option and let your guests decide.

4. Tuesday or Thursday flight booking

Kay Junior, VP of travel agency Swift Travel Deals, states that most airlines update their databases and ticket prices on Monday afternoon, so score the best deals for Tuesday afternoon travel. Other companies discount their tickets by the end of the day on Thursday in preparation for the upcoming weekend, so it is another good time to purchase your tickets. Average 5% savings can be obtained if booking time is chosen wisely.

5. Travel agency and bundles

Travel agencies have a lot of negotiation power and will work tirelessly to get you and your group of guests the best bundle deals possible. They will work with hotels and airlines to not only provide you convenience, but to also to save you the most money. They are masters of their craft after all.