Inexpensive Destination Weddings Ideas
Wedding Location

An inexpensive wedding somewhere far away from home does not have to look cheap. On the contrary, you can have a fantastic destination wedding for a lot less than what your traditional local wedding could cost. So read on for our useful money saving tips:

16 Best Wedding Locations in the U.S.
The Mayflower Grace

The choices for wedding locations are plenty, mind boggling even, so the difficulty here is to select the one that perfectly matches your style, budget, and location desires. There are websites dedicated to wedding venue ratings and plenty of forums, but the challenge of selection still remains.

9 Best Islands for Romance
The Island of St. Lucia

Islands are the ultimate symbols of romance and secluded escape for lovers. We seek islands big and small, rich with culture or lush with tropical growth, full of marine life or ancient buildings. Some travelers like the feeling of solitude, while others prefer luxurious pampering. Thankfully, the world is full of beautiful islands to capture our imagination and cater to a wide range of desires.

10 Honeymoon Planning Mistakes
Honeymoon Planning

People don’t get married very often, so honeymoon planning is one of those events in life when they have no experience and are likely to make a few mistakes. Every couple imagines their wedding as a perfect affair and honeymoon as a fairytale vacation, so read on and avoid common blunders to make sure you travel and relax your way.

How to Upgrade Your Honeymoon Flight
First Class Upgrades

Honeymoon is once in a lifetime trip for most of us and as such should definitely be thoroughly enjoyed. There is no better time than this to paper yourself and experience first class pleasures during your flight. This being said, it is still no reason to go all out and empty you wallet.


10 Ideas for Inexpensive Honeymoon

It would be hard to find a couple that wouldn’t want to escape it all once the wedding is over. All stress of planning and spending is left behind and what lies ahead is a wedded bliss and time alone with the chosen one.

Some couples spend months and even years in the process of planning the perfect wedding. At the end of this process they are exhausted and often quite broke.

We set out to create a list of non-typical honeymoon destinations. There won’t be any mainstream tropical destinations that everybody goes to and where every other couple on the beach is on their honeymoon. Let’s explore a few less usual honeymoon destinations. At the end of the day, what really matters is the person besides you, and not the amount of money spent on trendy places.

Before honeymoon planning, every couple should sit down and decide what is really important to both of them, so that there won’t be any disappointments later.

1. Camping


This is a bit unusual but great way to discover some things about each other under the starry sky. You can learn to work together to conquer any obstacle sent your way, survive together all while enjoying the serenity of nature. Camping is great way to escape the crowds, unplug, and focus on each other. After all, this is what honeymoon is all about!

United States has plenty of national or state parks to choose from and you won’t pay any more than mere $20-30 per week. So get packing and pack some hiking boots. (Find a Park by state)

2. Staycation

Honeymoon traveling is a relatively new phenomenon. Prior to the beginning of the 19th century, newlyweds did not have any means or desires to travel anywhere. The couple was expected to stay home following the wedding and work on their physical connection, as it was the first time they got to know each other like that. Times sure have changed.

Some modern couples still choose to forego expensive travelling and stay home instead. This staying cuddled up can be a great time to get to know each other and work on some important ventures together. Vacations come and go, but the investment into the future together will surely pay in a long run.

3. Island Getaway

Island Getaway

People often push their financial limits to travel to some tropical destinations and to stay in fancy hotels. This is not what life is all about. Travel to those destinations, yes, but be resourceful: book cheap tickets and avoid hotels, instead staying in a hotel alternative, inexpensive rental, your car or tent. The view and each other’s company is really what matters, nothing else.

4. Trendy Resort

There is nothing wrong with fancy resorts and nobody will blame you for wanting to get pampered there after all the wedding stress. Go ahead and book such royal treatment in your own city. Just think of all the travel related expenses you won’t have to worry about. You won’t have to fly, waste time, but instead will be able to afford some exclusive treatments locally and maybe even fall in love with your city again.

5. Road Trip

Road Trip

Just like camping, long road trips are fantastic for bonding and for quality together time. You might even discover that this is your favorite way to vacation for years to come. Rent a nice car, stock up on treats, plan your route, and set out to explore the world at your own pace. Don’t forget to explore parks and local eateries along the way.

6. Charter Boat

If you’re willing to shell out some significant cash on a popular cruise destination, consider a charter boat. This will not be any more expensive, especially if combined with another couple. This type of vacation will offer some privacy and customization. Who wants to follow crowds if the same amount can buy them a more personalized oceanic experience?

7. Las Vegas or Atlantic City

Las Vegas or Atlantic City

These destinations are for gambling loving couples, certainly not everyone. If this kind of entertainment is calling your name, definitely go for it. But do your homework first – don’t play common machines and roulette – learn some Blackjack strategies and kill it at the table. Big wins can finance your stay and the gained skills might be of great use in the future.

8. Themed Retreat

Such retreats are very fashionable these days. Couples have a ton of choices to join a group of like minds and enjoy whatever hobby they love. There are yoga/fitness camps all over the world, hiking excursions, group backpacking, farming activities, volunteer work, and countless others.

9. Working Honeymoon

Working Honeymoon

Just because you’re on your honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to spend your time on the beach doing nothing. Some very active would never go for that. Those couples can choose active vacation that will benefit someone around them.

Volunteer work is a great way to give back while enjoying each other’s company. There are countless ways to volunteer. You can help in your local animal or homeless shelters, make your city beautiful by planting trees, or assist in various community events. Sometimes, non-profit relief organizations need help in the third world countries and will even cover your trip and accommodation expenses in exchange for your help.

10. Festivals and Fairs

If you have always been into some special events or festivals and would like to participate in them on your honeymoon, time your wedding so that you could. There is iconic New Year celebration in New York Times Square, Burning Man in Nevada desert, music festivals all over the country, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and plenty of others.

Plan in advance and the world shall be yours. Be proactive, do your homework, think, and save.