Ways to Save on Your Hawaii Honeymoon
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Hawaii is a tropical paradise, everybody knows that. But not everybody knows is that paradise does not have to be unaffordable and overpriced. There are always ways to save a few dollars here and there and make a difference.

Wedding Planning in Less than 6 Months
Wedding Planning

Most couples take a year and longer to imagine their wedding day. But there is a new trend on the rise – a quick planning to reduce the time of anticipation and stress. An increasing number of brides want to design a wedding in two months. The reasons for such a decision are various: job change, military career limitations, pregnancy, or just plain eagerness to put that wedding band on.

How Free are Free Weddings?
Dreams Resort and Spa

You made up your mind to have a romantic destination wedding far away from daily routine and your city. You started your research for best deals and then you definitely encounter resort ads for free weddings. Free?! You are definitely intrigued. You do some more research and make some phone calls. Some of your questions get answered, but you get more confused about details. How free is it really going to be?

Can Rewards Points and Miles Buy Free Honeymoon?

According to some estimates, it takes about $32,000 to get married. Granted, some couples have some help from their parents, but such amount still takes financial toll. This is the reason why so many coupes are looking for ways to save as much as they can. And there are some creative ways to do that. If planning is done very meticulously, free honeymoon can definitely be scored – all the newlyweds have to do is align honeymoon location with hotel’s loyalty program.


10 Honeymoon Planning Mistakes

People don’t get married very often, so honeymoon planning is one of those events in life when they have no experience and are likely to make a few mistakes. Every couple imagines their wedding as a perfect affair and honeymoon as a fairytale vacation, so read on and avoid common blunders to make sure you travel and relax your way.

Honeymoon Planning

1. Wrong timing

The popular opinion is that the longer you wait to plan any trip, the more pricy it will get and more options will diminish. While that might be true for some elaborate European trips, the opposite can be said about Caribbean honeymoon travel. Often times many tropical resorts sell their remaining rooms a lot cheaper 2-4 weeks before the stay. This kind of planning might be stressful, but it could be worthwhile and save you a lot of money.

2. Setting an unrealistic budget

Many couples go in debt to plan the wedding reception, so avoid that at least when planning the honeymoon escape. After all, honeymoon should be all about relaxation and love so don't add any headaches about unnecessarily wasted money. Set a budget before starting the planning and only then decide the location, hotel, and duration of your vacation. Think about every aspect of the trip – some locations might be expensive to reach, but offer very reasonable accommodation rates.

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Honeymoon Planning Budget

3. Missing out on bargains

Check out seasonal rates and flash sales, but keep in mind that various deals are always there, you just need to discover them. Take time and sign up for selected airlines and hotels deals and loyalty programs directly or at websites like Smarter Travel. Check out the social media pages to scout for specials and coupons.

4. Choosing the wrong destination

Friends, family, and media will tell you stories of wonders about the various vacation locales, but take everything in with a grain of salt. Understand that your honeymoon is about you and your spouse, your hobbies, and likes, so tailor your trip based on what you as a couple want and enjoy.

5. Disregarding shoulder seasons

Sure, nobody wants to honeymoon with a hurricane wreaking havoc outside, but be mindful of shoulder seasons. These are the weeks between the high season perfection and the low season's worst weather. These seasons of change still have the same great weather, but begin the preparation of worse times to come, and most tourists flee. This might be the perfect time for you – smaller crowds and a lot smaller bills.

Shoulder Seasons

6. Starting the honeymoon right after the wedding

There is no reason to think that your honeymoon will be any less romantic if you will leave a few days later, or a few weeks, or months. This time might be needed to get the best deal in some remote romantic location. Use it to relax at home, collect yourself post-wedding, write some thank you cards, and pack without stress. If you’re anxious to go somewhere, take a mini honeymoon to a neighboring town and then wait for the real deal with a piece of mind, knowing that you are smart about your finances.

7. Using your husband's name

If you choose to take your husband's name, be certain that the paperwork won’t be ready immediately, so plan accordingly. While the excitement is understandable, don’t forget to be realistic about how long official things take and make reservations with the old name on your passport and driver’s license.

8. Not purchasing travel insurance

You might be phenomenal at planning, but some things might still be out of your control, so get prepared to overcome everything and get travel insurance. It is always better to be safe than sorry, as the saying goes. Look for plans that offer "cancel for any reason" option and rest assured that work schedule, medical problems, luggage loss or terrible weather will not destroy you financially as you will be able to revise your travel plans and reschedule.

Travel Insurance

9. Too much planning

The desire to experience everything the location has to offer is understandable, but be reasonable. Book and reserve a few activities, but leave some time to enjoy each other – after all, this is what the honeymoon is all about.

10. Not taking care of the phone service

Honeymoon should be as much about each other as possible, so tune out the outside world. Tune out, but don’t cut yourself off the world completely, especially if you’re in a foreign country. You never know what might happen and you might find yourself in a need of connection. And then there is that desire to share some romantic pictures on the social media. Most cellular carriers offer international plans, but they all are terribly expensive. Local prepaid card might be your best bet. Internet is another way to go – all hotels have some type of Wi-Fi these days, so it might be enough to send a text message, receive an email or post that greatest picture. Such apps as Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp are free and will allow making phone calls and sending messages free of charge as long as you have internet.