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Very few of us have unlimited funds for traveling, yet all of us love to see other parts of the world. We have some good news – it is still possible to get away and not break the bank. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect time and maximize your saving power.

Ways to Save on Your Hawaii Honeymoon with OneTravel
Travel To Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, everybody knows that. But not everybody knows is that paradise does not have to be unaffordable and overpriced.

10 Ideas for Inexpensive Honeymoon

It would be hard to find a couple that wouldn’t want to escape it all once the wedding is over. All stress of planning and spending is left behind and what lies ahead is a wedded bliss and time alone with the chosen one.


Honeymoon Planning Guide

All newlyweds dream about having a romantic getaway so they could respite after all the stress associated with wedding preparation, escape the daily routine and enjoy the time together. But sometimes wedding planning takes so much time and efforts that couples may lack time to plan their own honeymoon. While honeymoon is an important part of the wedding process it is the trip of a lifetime -- the time when you can kick back and enjoy each other’s company in a romantic setting.

Here you will find some guidance on planning your perfect honeymoon. These tips will help you plan your dream vacation and avoid Honeymoon Planning Mistakes many couples typically make. So how to plan your honeymoon right? What to begin with?

It would be a good idea to ask people around how they planned their honeymoon and then answer several simple questions:


Choose the destination. Think what you would like to do on vacation: spread on the beach, explore the mountains, discover ancient civilizations, stroll along the European streets, sleep in a tent in the forest or sail on a yacht. Choose the destination 4 or 5 months in advance. Once you figure out where you want to spend the trip of a lifetime you may focus on your budget and start planning the route of your honeymoon.

Ask your future spouse to make a list of things that matter concerning your perfect honeymoon and make your own list. Then compare both lists and choose the destination that would be appealing to both of you. Couples who prefer visiting historical places, museums, theatres and other cultural attractions often spend their honeymoon in some European countries. If you just want to enjoy the sun consider travelling to the islands that are best for romance, such as the Hawaiian or Caribbean islands. If you don’t feel like travelling long distances you may visit one of popular vacation destinations in the South or Southwest that are ideal for an unforgettable honeymoon. Plus you will be able to save the time and money on your airfare.

How Much?

Your budget will depend on your travel expenses: airline tickets, Visa, accommodation, food, transport (honeymoon locations in the U.S.), means of communication (consider purchasing the SIM-card of the country you visit), sightseeing, souvenirs and shopping. If you prefer traveling by car and live in a tent you can save a pretty big sum of money.

So, considering your budget you have two options. You can either choose the best resort you can afford or choose the destination of your dream and try to amass the sum of money you need.


At this stage of your planning process you will have to decide who will be in charge of arranging your dream vacation. You can use the services of a travel company that will offer you ideas for inexpensive honeymoon that meet your budget. You will be offered interesting ideas you would probably never think about. With plenty of experience and access to travel deals a good travel agency will help you find the perfect destination as well as save you a great deal of your time and money. It should be noted that the more complex the route is the more expensive it is going to be for you. You can also plan your honeymoon on your own, everything depends on your wishes and capabilities.

Tips from the Internet

Most people on travel forums say that the Hawaiian Islands is the hottest honeymoon destination. There you will find gorgeously beautiful sand beaches, lush tropical forests and rich authentic culture. The Hawaiian Islands offer something for everyone and every traveler is sure to find the entertainment that meets his budget. Even though a vacation in Hawaii is considered to be an expensive one there are hundreds Ways to Save on Honeymoon if you book your trip via an online travel company.

Many couples dream about spending their honeymoon in Hawaii. Such romantic getaway is sure to bring with it many bright and exciting memories that will become a great start of their family life.


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